Mail Exchanger (MX) Providers Market Share

I recently read an article that showed Google was the email provider for the majority of the top startups in US. This inspired me to find out, on a larger scale, which companies are the top providers of email across the whole Internet. However, what I ended up doing was to gather some stats on Mail Exchanger (MX) providers market share. The difference is subtle but important: an email provider offers a complete package where a customer is given an email address, an inbox where incoming emails are stored and a facility to send out emails. On the other hand, an MX provider only provides servers to receive emails. For example, they don’t necessarily provide storage (e.g. forward only).

The rest of this post documents how I went about it, the results and some other notes.





Below is the breakdown of the top 16 MX providers for 79.8 million domains that listed MXes, out of 120 million .com domains in total:

WHOIS records of these entries are protected by privacy wall and so the domain names are listed instead.



Stats about educational and non-for-profit institutions would be very interesting because companies like Google offer their services for free to these places. Government sites are another interesting area. At this scale, I believe it makes more sense to base the market share on the number of staff/students for each institution.