Australia’s Best Health Insurers

TL;DR List of best health insurers in Australia based on publicly available statistics.

I recently decided to up my health insurance from the bare minimum required by the government here in Australia. It proved quite difficult to find which insurer is the best for my state. Now the “best” insurer is a loaded term. It depends on your needs, your age and so on (and for that, you should see other resources.). But that’s the matter of coverage. I wanted to know which insurer was the easiest to deal with and actually cared about making members’ lives easier. You may be thinking how naive I must be to think any insurance company cares about their members, or any business for that matter. If that’s you, this is not the post for you.

I decided to look at publicly available statistics instead of relying on anecdotal reviews from people I know and those online. That’s because they are usually biased towards the negative as happy people don’t usually go out of their way to write a review (except me). I also wanted to know which insurer is the best for my particular area. The result is in a Github repo which I plan to add to over time as I learn more about various related stats.

As a summary, here are your best options per state: