… because I forget simple little things too soon …

6 Apr

This is all

I’m not deep
What you see, is the bottom of this pool
There are no corners
no hidden doors
I’m as plain as the vanilla cake I baked

Sophistication, it’s not a mystery
Holding back in style, is all it is
To know and to be known
Now that’s my motto

Another side to me?
No I’m afraid
I have no sides
Round like the Earth
Sometimes calm oceans
Sometimes storm
Sometimes both happening in harmony

So you’re bored of this simplicity
Disappointment is what you’ll get
when you discover, a fancy toy is still a toy
But your mind about it is long set

There is nothing more to tell
The building laid out its blueprint
The science its formulas
There are no games
No one wins
I’m not yours
You’re not mine
You’re just sharing your bed
But I’ll always have mine

5 Apr


I’m on crack
It is so whack
to think that I
am on crack

Oh so hungry
need some snack
Only kidding
I am not baked
I’m on crack

I highly lack
enough crack
I need to get
into my room
to my iMac
to go online
to find some more
pack of crack

29 Mar

Let me go

I push ’em away
That’s what I do
I’m good at it
It takes a move, only a move
to become a stranger
Months to build, years to seed
to watch it disappear in a flash fire

The right to lose
The power to refuse
the connections that make us, us
I stand by permissions to abuse

Alone having a steak at Chilli’s the other night
The waitress asked me if I had company
“No thank goodness aright”

23 Mar

Macaroni night

Macaroni night, I’m delighted to introduce
the dessert, blistering lizard
very carefully tazed and crazed
La moot, my maids made it, I lazed

Bum ta dum, I laced it up and pasted it
down the throat of the jackhammer
Terrorifying the glaze off the mace
Brewing the smell of a hammering bass

10 Mar

The thing

It’s the thing you do whether you’re asked to or not, paid for or for free.
It’s the thing that makes you forget the time of the day, day of the week.
It’s the thing for which you go the whole day hungry.
It’s the thing that you don’t even call a thing.
It’s the thing that your friends call it your thing.
It’s the thing that you call stupid and silly.
It’s the thing you do that happens without you noticing.
It’s the thing that you do to relax, to take your mind off things.
It’s the thing that you feel you are born with.
It’s the thing that occupies your mind even when you’re not doing it.
It’s the thing that everything else is based around it.
It’s the last thing that comes to mind when you’re asked about it.

9 Mar

You used to

You used to make up stories that
only you could wrap your mind around
You used to tell me jokes which
in complexity of each I drowned

You used to take detours
down the streets that no one went
You used to paint the world with colors
that only you dreamt about

But now

You let stories with no soul
demean your mind and spirit
You let tasteless and petty jokes
rob you blind of your wit

You let fear of loneliness
keep you in line with everyone
You let the world paint your dreams
all that made you so special
soon will vanish, soon will be gone

8 Mar

Let me be

Dear You

The helpful suggestions are helpful
But the impossible is still impossible
So don’t tempt me
Don’t sway me
Let me be for now
and you can be mirthful at my helplessness later


You called out for a temptation
You were on the floor, ready to sway
Had the steps in mind, long before
I stood up and joined you on stage

No one’s watching
No one’s judging
You are up there
You are half way

Dance a little
Live a little
Little to lose
It gets better

1 Mar

Where are you?

The silent chatter outside
is chilling my soul, I’m scared
The beam of light under the door
is slowing reaching my feet
I’ve waited forever now, you promised
My back against the wall
I’m out of time
Where are you?

26 Feb

Session Teleporter


Do NOT use the software described here unless: you understand every word on this page; you have no choice but to use an untrusted browser; you have personally audited both the sender app and receiver extension(s) carefully; you are using your own audited copy and not someone else’s. I am not responsible for any loss or damage that you incur as result of using this software.


There has been time and again when I needed wanted to use a PC or a laptop with keyboard, mouse and generally comfortable HCI but had to stick with my phone because I couldn’t trust them enough to enter any password on them. But the inconvenience finally took its toll and I set out to make my life easier. Result is Session Teleporter which is one fugly hack. The name gives it away: it teleports (more like copies) your logged in session from your phone’s to the PC’s so you don’t have to enter password on the untrusted machine. It does it by (dumbly) copying the cookies, encrypting them with a one time password, uploading it to a yet dumber server (this is the high point) to be shortly downloaded by the other browser. Some screenshots (a break from reading):

Screenshot of Android app and Chrome extension
I made an icon for it—can you believe it?

Why is this bad? It’s bad because it uses javascript crypto, it (mostly) gives you illusion of security and it can make the situation many times worse. So why make it? Like I said: convenience. This is not a first weapon of choice. It’s a, you-got-one-limb-and-few-breath-left kind of weapon. If you know a better way, be sure to mention it.

Things you need to know:

  • Don’t use someone else’s compiled copy. Only use your own audited copy.
  • Not all websites work (e.g. if they use DOM storage for login purposes for instance). Most websites should work OK.
  • The Chrome Extension can mess up your browser’s cookie jar (e.g. some websites stay logged in even after logout—thus it’s recommended to use an incognito window).
  • You may get locked out of your account due to sudden change of IP or otherwise suspecious activity.
  • Your may lose your friends and people might start calling you names.
  • Crypto gods may condemn you to crypto hell for eternity.

If you need to know more, just read the code. You were going to do it anyway, right? Right.

12 Feb

Road never taken

An Autumn tree, a strange beauty

I took the road, perhaps never taken
through old buildings and empty spaces
My eyes caught the sight of a glamourous tree
half dressed with green leaves and red flowers

She would go unnoticed
by tired or hurried souls
But me, she had me frozen
with my left feet still off the ground

besides ranting, you may also find me asking silly questions, write code for the world or just plain showing off.