… because I forget simple little things too soon …

12 Nov

Shock Stall

Shaking off the glory
Sitting you down for a quiet story
Drink up my buzzed and fuzzed honey
Dinner isn’t gonna be ready

Had a mishap today at the shop
Told the cashier that at aisle 24, someone threw up
Asked and told and ran and got shot
I was the one who did it on someone’s top

Had a long day, bit an apple rotten to the core
Yellow curtains of your half open door
Covered my drooling mouth as I entered the corridor
Saw the swinging cut out of our lord, land head on on the floor

Sore sailing the waves of this scenery
Taking nothing for granted, there is nothing to take
Bone to bone to the song of this mockery
Layers of irony start to flake and flake

Wave at and blow kisses to hard rock lovers
Long live the Napolean of fish fodders
Hats off to room bargers, and shirt tuckers
Cult of card cutting cowards and lucky lusters

Switched on, full on at the start of this robbery
Commence the countdown to the end of our misery
Load up your guns, it is customary
to off everyone cold and steal no money

1 Nov

Null Encounters

Lights are on
Curtains down
Corners of the room
Trenches for our doom

Cyanide in hand
Roll of nails on sand
Can of can’ts on the shelf
Sharp minds adrift

Second thoughts first
Tell and show oppressed
Yet agains yet again
Unknown, ruled a sin

Down lookers and hopers
Miles out of focus
A poke for a cheap laugh
made a hole in the raft

Perky form outlawed
Perfect deemed flawed
Backs bare to the waist
Shoes laced in a haste

Ill-endowed with time
Sulked but felt fine
Be-all end-all of doubt
Prepared but wants out

Misguided and unsure
Ruled under, beat and sore
Pour a heart in a lake
Rid the chest of the ache

Lights dimmed
Talks and walks trimmed
Corners curved
Poison served

31 Oct


I’m Kermit and I’m enjoying your heat
You’re hot as shit and I am terribly sweet
Your busts are banging, sight of them a treat
I rhyme like a motherfucker, it is pretty neat

I’m Kermit and that is how I greet
a hot mama on a train, on the street
Next to me or on my lap, please take a seat
I’ll offer you milk, like monsieur Lapadite

23 Oct

Up my game

Up my game
Down-level an amount worthy of my fame
Disengage from the roaring torque of your engine
Disparage my opponents, call them names

Up my game
Reid this empty house, rape it with an emptier flame
Deceive me with your age old finest deceit
Revel as I break and fall to my knees

Up my game
Deplete the building desire to dismiss it as vain
Exert a microscopic effort to advance me
An extra breath for you, means the world to me

Up my game
Bear the burden that what you do is lame
Agitate your friends, and save me the calm you
Wholeheartedly laugh when pain is flowing through you

Up my game
Train me until I’m clean and tame
Play me, whisper to me “who knows whom to blame?”
Frame me with good intentions, a noble aim

Up my game
But quash the thought of me doing you the same
Bet on your life that for the rest of it you will regret
spending a single moment, upping my game

Up my game
I dare you
Are you game?

21 Oct

Touch Adapter Voice 2, silenced for good

Volkswagen Polo 2012 model
That’s not me driving. I drive in the real world!

We have a Volkswagen Polo that is a few years old. The bluetooth setup on this car is a disaster.

The car itself has bluetooth and it can play music over A2DP profile, make and receive phone calls over HFP profile and it can even download your phonebook and some more. Enter Touch Adapter Voice 2, a cell phone sized device that sits in a dock on the passenger side. Without it, the car refuses to connect to any bluetooth device. So you’d think leaving it in the dock is all that’s needed. Errrr. Wrong. The Touch Adapter also has bluetooth, and just like a phone, it tries to connect to the car over bluetooth. But of course only one device can be connected at a time, so getting one’s phone connected is a gamble. I hear you ask: why the hell does the Touch Adapter need to talk to car over bluetooth? Hear me say: !@#$%!@! Who knows?!! It acts like a relay between the phone and the car. What? Relay bluetooth? Yep! Folks at Volkswagen are on something heavy. Did I mention that in the relay configuration, music playback is gone? Yep. I’m not even sure if it’s legal to advertise the car as A2DP capable when that functionality works only sometimes.

Touch Adapter in its dock

19 Oct

The Birthday Song

Happy Happy Birthday
Eat all you can, off the tray
Get tad funky, get all cray
Is this too much, we say nay

Happy Happy Birthday
Should you want us, we will stay
Until dawn, till the next day
but tonight, wish you the best lay

9 Oct

Show me

Show me a watch that counts the breaths
that you wasted clinging to this flesh

Show me a get away car
that can race through the narrow corridor

Show me a half lit room in the attic
that would shield us from the world

Show me a sign, I’m about to resign
unless I see you bleeding from the same cuts as mine

Show me your face, pick up this pace
we need a titanium strength will to displace

Show me your wrist, bare it, I insist
My bet is on your strong pulse
that beats despite your fierce fist

Show me your grace, lace up the case
We need to hide it away from the eyes of the saints

Show me courage, don’t be shy about it
Stay and fight, save the wings for the nightfall instead

Show me no more, we made it
Let’s not shake hands, let’s not say “see you later”
I know, I’ve been told I’m cruel that way

4 Oct

Sunny days

Sunny days aren’t all the same
Once it rained while the sun was still pouring
Rays wrestle with the clouds sometimes on their way
Maybe happy thoughts are kept for the soft shadow days
Even pain slides its curtain in the shining
Waited for a blue sky and it’s gotten late

Sunny days aren’t all the same
She left on one of those days
He wasn’t back when the dawn came
and it shined later just the same
Steel rails are glowing to a flame
My seat is but cold, on this old and rusty train

30 Sep

Near the end

You gotta believe me when I say
This isn’t a sight I see everyday
The greatest work of art in history
standing tall and heavy in my way

Purple lanterns and flashy patterns
have nothing on these sandstones and curves
Fireworks and flickering lights
could never scratch the surface of these tiles

Friday nights aren’t always this bright
with ideas and rhymes that surface while
I wait in the corner side of the mall
while you run late and then walk tall

Mark this night, we’re getting to the end
Dramatic as it sounds, drama is what it entails
Remember the remark about the chandelier
Remember this night, the end’s getting near

17 Sep

Wary Wishes

I have a thousand wishes for you
Some are only for me to know
The rest I’m willing to share with you

For starters I wish you ignorance
I wish you recurrent trips to France
Waking up to knocks on the door
To smell of freshly baked baguettes
Staying in all afternoon with your buddies
playing twister on the floor

I wish you a little airtight jar
that you can fill with assorted stars
So you can have starry nights
whether inside or riding in cars

I wish you wishes that come true
The kind that mean something to you
I wish you silly things on a whim
I wish you the heroine part in a film

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