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24 Jul


BPAY is an electronic bill payment system in Australia which enables payments to be made through a financial institution’s online or telephone banking facility to merchants who are registered BPAY billers.”1 To pay for a bill, you need a Biller Code and Reference Code which are numbers with varying number of digits. This information is printed on the paper bills for instance where you can use them when paying for the bill online. It’s only recently that BPAY has rolled out a QR Code standard to ease the entering of these numbers in bank phone apps.

I wanted to know how the BPAY information was encoded so I could transfer my existing Biller and Reference codes to my phone without manual error. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything online. The easiest way I thought was to figure out how my phone app reads it. The only bank right now that has an app with BPAY QR Code scanning functionality is Commonwealth Bank. So I copied the app out of the phone, disassembled it using apktool and went digging.

22 Jul

Stay with me for a moment

Stay with me for a moment
for me to grow into a flower, tall
to build a bridge from your eyes to every star

Stay with me for a moment
so I can breathe a fresh air of you
to start a journey from that moment

to the corner of the greenest grove of mind
to the doors of the city of impossible dreams
A journey in the turns and twists of stars
through the memorable moor of melodies

Stay with me for a moment
so I can open a window to the garden of your eyes
to write a poem and a story of you
A poem ringing to the sound of rain
of the green of forest and blue of sea
a story with the color and scent
of stories of all the lovers in the world

translation of Siavash Ghomeishi’s با من باش

22 Jul

Non-secure contact pages (Australian Banks)

I lost my credit card a few days ago and as soon as I realized that, I called up my bank. When searching for the right number to call, I went to their website and found my way to the contact page. As I was dialing the first digits of the number, I noticed something seriously wrong: the page was not secure (ie no HTTPS). I stopped. I began googling the phone number and only after seeing it on several places did I call the number to order a new card.

After the call, I wondered if it was only my bank. I was saddened to see that out of 40 banks and credit card providers in Australia, only 7 had secure contact pages. I have notified most of the others about the issue.

If your bank is one of those with non-secure contact pages listed further down the page, you should do a little research online first before trusting the information on those pages.

14 Jul

One liners

With that look and that hair
you ought to be in a convertible
on a road trip somewhere

With those legs and those curves
you ought to dress your body
in threads it deserves

With a face and a hand like yours
you can hold another hand, turn another face
you can make the whole of another person yours

With the sound of your voice
you’re the queen of karaoke nights
the conductor of midnight phone calls

But I’m just kicking the ball lightly
with a limp leg
While we both warm up
Ready your majesty
for web tearing shots

14 Jul

Exclusive Permission

I made a vow the other day
that if I ever catch you pray
I’ll end you with the tip of my tongue
and will send you home on a metal tray

I admit I dismissed your wish to die
I lied upon lies to make you cry
I snooped when you asked me not to pry
I helped you fail on the first and the second try

14 Jul

Midnight Theft

While we cherry picked out of red and green
Opportunities kept falling in between
Our conscious moments red shifted to left
We were sound asleep at the midnight theft

Sirens and strobe lights woke us up
You saw the light and I saw the dust
What do you do when you lose a game
Cheat and lie, don’t admit you lost

8 Jul

Build 721.00.3

The frightening train of thought of possible events in the near future left me breathless. I had come across a weapon, destructive powers of which I had only begun to comprehend. Amidst these paralyzing thoughts grew a feeling of excitement that was shortly blown out by guilt. I felt excited about the chaos that would ensue. But the guilt of wanting harm for others in order to spice up my own life vaporized the excitement. When I was back to my senses again, I had one and only one thought: I had to do something to stop this before it was used to do harm, something I wasn’t sure hadn’t happened already. The most obvious move was to run a DoS attack on it. “Straightforward”, I assured myself. “Will just fire up a hundred or so EC2 instances and let ’em eat up the bandwidth until I figure out something else, maybe SYN flood, …”. As I was hurriedly logging into my AWS console and navigating to the right page, I suddenly realized the bitter reality that would make all my efforts in vain in the long run. I was alone in this. I couldn’t ask anyone for help. Not friends, not cops, nobody. Suddenly, I couldn’t trust anyone, even Dan. With my heart pumping like it was in a death race, I got a hold of myself and continued with my plan.

19 May

Take Flight

You’re on the runway
Moving at hundred miles an hour
You need a final push
to rise above the tower

I’m just a gate you’re passing through
This isn’t the destination
The green light on the race track
It’s the start of a conversation

Be dazzled by what you see, all you can
Never get lost in someone else’s dream
Learn to light your own flame for the way
However redundant it may seem

Be that, that attracts you to me
I’ve shown my hand, but you still have the Ace
Camouflaged against a plain field of unsuspecting pawns
Unmask, unhide, show your face

Run when others march
Lead when others walk in circles
Cease your conformances
Give your efforts a sense of purpose

But more so, make your own rules
Following rules, anyone can, even fools

14 May


You’re a lying machine
You’re rotten within
You’re playing a game
and trapped in between

Your folks are dead
Your skin is torn
Climbed to bed
All night you bled

Banned from prison
Living without a reason
Shrivel up and die
The cost on us is increasing

Numbed down to feet
Chained to your seat
Leave it unsaid
Pull over your head, the white sheet

Write up a note
Fold it and drop it in
the pocket of your coat
Then slit your throat

No one will read what you wrote

13 May

The Bitter Aftertaste

Late some nights at eleven o’clock
I hear faint cries outside
I go to look in the dark
There is nothing and no one in sight

It’s him, must be, he’s seen her again
with the eyes of his mind
I call to him, to him I wave
I leave the door open behind
He’s shy, lost, he can’t believe
months and years have gone by

Many nights ago, he left the house
with a single thing on his mind
Told himself, he won’t be the hollow figure
that had come and gone in the past

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