For the better evolved

Sided notes follow, I won’t deny
and not a word will be left out
or a twist be let to creep into my style

Currently in rigid reservation to shy away
from the content of my consciousness

The note, don’t let me forget
is sided in divergent ways
For the better evolved
It rings homey like a doorbell

and to the other ones, well
they are good as deaf

If I’m vague, it’s because you can’t hear
and you don’t know how to read my lips
If it’s dull to your eyes
you never had a sense of taste

and a kick, I’m not going to waste
on your toneless boney ass
or another word, let alone a sentence

now with that out of the way
I admit I wished those words I hadn’t said
Countless hours my taste buds had
to hang out with cultured spices
were not acquired on a bail

I’m leaving out my remaining complaints
Knots rule my style and I’m ashamed
It’s luck I selfishly claimed as earned
I’ll try to be better.
The end.